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When Lucas Grows Up - Daddy Edition

Everyone knows that fathers want the best for their kiddos, and with our new edition of “When Lucas Grows Up”, we want fathers to have the best, too! Especially at Christmas! That’s why we’ve included some brand new features sure to hit dads all over the world directly in the feels. We’ve put dad on each and every page, as well as included the “what child calls him” personalization option. There’s also your choice of sidekick, either Bondee Bear, Rascal the Raccoon, or Mrs. Hootwit! We’re also introducing a new career, the Armed Forces Service Member, to our list of choices. So if you’ve been wondering what to get a father who has everything, look no further!

!!! ATTENTION !!! Si vous souhaitez recevoir nos livres en français, veuillez immédiatement contacter notre service client à l'adresse suivante : après avoir passé votre commande. Dans votre message, veuillez inscrire votre numéro de commande et nous formuler votre demande d'impression en français. Sans cela, votre livre arrivera en anglais. Merci de votre compréhension.

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Daddy Edition Christmas Fun
With Daddy on the COVER and EVERY PAGE, there’s no better book for him and his little one to read together. Simply put, it’s the best Christmas gift ever for Dad!
Personalized Perfection
Personalize the first names of father & child AND what the little one calls their dad in the book! You also create their appearances with more options than ever!

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