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Super Sally

Perfect for Birthdays, Xmas, or Whenever!

A thank you gift for a teacher at the end of the school year. A birthday gift from a group of friends. A Christmas gift for your aunt who helped you remodel your kitchen. This super book suits all these occasions and more! Simply personalize the super someone and pick out 10 (or 15!) reasons why they rock, and your amazing gift for them is complete. The highly detailed character, imaginative illustrations, and poetic words of praise are all sure to blow them away!

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Our books have been personalized over 3 million times! Some readers laugh, some (most!) cry tears of joy – create yours now and let the emotions begin!
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Made by dedicated artists and printed on high-end materials, our books look as good as they make you feel. Customer reviews and photos say it all!
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Whether it’s for your best friend or your boss or your new neighbor, this book shows them why they’re great. Give it on your own or as a group!

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