How Hooray Heroes books are made

Every new Hooray Heroes book is a challenge in itself. And fortunately, the inhabitants of our far, far, far away land love challenges even more than the sweetest, juiciest forest berries.

There are more than 20 creative dwellers in Hooray Heroes Land who step up to every challenge with a big bag full of respect and responsibility on one shoulder and all the enthusiasm in the world on the other. We know that our words and stories will continue to live on in your child's imagination for a long time, and that is why nothing is left to chance in our land and a simple "it's okay" doesn't suffice.

From an idea to the first copy

Every idea for a new book sneaks into our minds unexpectedly. It's not uncommon that you who read our books with your children lend us a creative thought or two. But often times, the sparks of new stories burst to life in a strange land that no one knows anything about, enter our kingdom and inspire the beginning of the creative magic.

The inner circle of seven individuals, also known as the “Fairytale Seven”, nurture books from a single idea to the still-warm-and-toasty first copy straight out of the printing oven. The “Fairytale Seven” are led by the Author and Illustrator and someone we call The Producer. They put their heads together to make sense of all the doodles on the drawing board in order to create a child-friendly book. The path to the final book is long and winding – a full-year-long path, to be precise. It is paved by the Creative Leader, Designer, Head of Printing and Editor.

First drafts and sketches

The author is always the first to get the ball rolling. After weeks of brainstorming, he or she stands before the “Fairytale Seven” and presents a draft of their newest story to them. They are introduced to the Hero and his adventures which range from travelling the world to trying out different professions. One of our bravest heroes even gets rid of his binky – no joke! So, they meet the Hero, his friends, share his dreams and see what lesson he learns in the end.

When other members are presented with the author's vision, the illustrator leads the creative team to battle across massive sheets of paper with only a pencil. But in our land, a pencil is a sword. The Hooray Heroes books achieve personalization through complicated technological processes. But rest assured, we make it fun, for in our land, the best ideas are born over white sheets of paper with pencils in hands, all accompanied by groovy background music.

After a good month or so of work, the first sketches are born. Each and every page of the book receives the utmost attention to be able to grow and bloom into the masterpieces they come to be. Usually we see doodles that only our most creative helpers understand. "First, we'll have this here and then that, and let's draw this here and then this here will move there and appear here with this and maybe with that as well… Get it?" They try to explain, but mostly we just nod and place all of our trust in them. You see, the creative heads come from a different planet and there is no other option but to adore them!

The final story and illustrations

The “Fairytale Seven” work on the story and illustrations every day for the next few months. We do have to admit that it is not uncommon for them to seek help and guidance from the little heroes themselves. Which illustration do you like more? Which poem sounds better, this or the other one? Which colours do you prefer? Their sincerity is incredible and is one of the highest virtues in our land.

When the author finalizes the story of the book, the illustrator starts out on the difficult but fun path of colouring, shading and adding textures. Despite modern technology, in our land, we believe that nothing compares to sitting down with a good book. So choosing the right colour palette is crucial for the ultimate reading experience.

Months have passed since the first idea was sparked and we are looking at the illustrations and the story. It is far from over, though - the fun has just begun.

More than a million personalization combinations

While the author is enjoying his well-deserved rest, the illustration team faces the final, crucial task. The task that makes every Hooray Heroes book unique – we are the first and only ones on our planet to create books like these, all in our little kingdom.

Every illustration of the book has more than a million combinations for personalizing the Hero, and, in some books, also the supporting heroes. Apart from giving your Hero a name and setting the gender, you create their appearance as well. The illustrator's accurate hand gives you the option to choose from all of the possible colours of eyes and hair, freckles, glasses…

The first, fresh copies

The big moment has arrived! The first copies of the new book come from the printing house, still smelling of freshly-printed ink. We gather around them and start chanting. No, no, no. We are a little cuckoo, but, actually, when a book comes from the printing house, we’re so overwhelmed with emotions that we need a couple of hours of quiet just to absorb what has happened.

It has been a year and the first children are cuddled up in their parents' arms reading the new book. Becky is a Hero with black pigtails, and Andrew an adventurer with brown curly hair and freckles, Nina a redhead scientist, doctor and astronaut. All are the heroes of their new books and hold a piece of our land in their hands. What becomes of the “Fairytale Seven”, you ask? They smile in satisfaction and fly off to face new challenges.

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