Hooray Heroes personalized children’s books

Personalisation is the buzzword around here. Each book in our repertoire enables you to personalize the hero of the story – the child you want to give the book to. The first steps are to choose your Hero's gender, give them a name and design their overall appearance: choose their hair colour and style, eye colour, skin tone - you can even add freckles or glasses! There are as many possibilities as there are children in the whole world.

We’ve taken the concept of personalization to a whole new level. Yes. You can choose everything that defines the hero of the story, and, in a couple of our books, you can even define other characters like mom and - coming soon - even a little brother or sister. Check out our best-seller, “When Lucas Grows Up”, in which you can choose 10 or 15 stories in the form of poems from a rich selection of 20 altogether. So, what will your little one be when he grows up? Will he be a firefighter? Or a poet? Maybe he’ll be an astronaut or a professor. Oh - did we mention he can be a race car driver, too? So many great choices!

Gift giving, especially to a child, is very personal and special. For this reason, we’ve made it possible to include a heartfelt dedication that will be written on the first page of the book, where it will remain forever. And in the child’s heart too, for that matter. For the not-so-poetic-at-heart, we have a couple of pre-written options for you that can be found during the personalization process of our books. So don’t worry. It’s not only free of charge, but also easy to do. Hooray Heroes are here to help!

We have a couple of gems on our shelves just for you. We’re sure you can find something in our repertoire that will most appeal to you. Do you need a little backup in getting your little one to give up his pacifier without making a big commotion? Is your Sophie a true adventurer who loves to hunt for treasures? Does your Jacob daydream about what he will be when he grows up? Or are you just looking for the perfect gift that will make you look cool and thoughtful? Like we said. We have something for everyone. And it’s all personalized. Mind-boggling, right?

Our books will grow the hearts of even the biggest grinches. And for those who say they have NEVER shed a tear… We’ll say just one thing: “Never say never.”

Make your child the Hero of the story

Our personalization process is, well, easy-peasy. But let us walk you through it so you can read us like an open book. Remember: no two books are alike - one version is for Jacob, the other for Mark, and Laura's book looks nothing like Julie's. But as the writer, editor and all-around creator of your own personalized book, you do have to be extra careful so Julie doesn’t become Fulie or Ben doesn’t become a pen. “Double-check” is Hooray Heroes’ mantra.

Choose your favourite book
Browse and see which Hooray Heroes books are available in our library for our CA customers. Walk among the shelves and find the right one for your child's age and interests. Each book touches upon a different theme and offers your little Hero unique life lessons.
Set the gender, name and the hero's appearance
When you create the book for your child, you decide on the hero's name, gender and appearance. The child appears as the hero with his or her name and appearance throughout the whole book.
Write a personal dedication to your child
Each Hooray Heroes children's book will always be one of the most beautiful memories of those careless childhood years, and, with this in mind, we’ve left the very first page for you to write a special dedication to your child.
Wrap it up
For all of you who like giving thoughtfully, we have a great idea. Well actually, it’s a solution. You can choose to gift our book in one of our beautifully designed gift boxes. But wait! There’s more to these boxes than meets the eye. Far from being mere eye-candy, they’re actually board games. We know. We’re awesome. Read more about our gift box board games here.
Placing an order
Choose the most suitable method of payment and decide whether you want our delivery bunnies to hop fast, super-fast or turbo. And have no fear, your personal data is safely kept under lock and key, guarded by our very own fire-breathing dragon.
Wait for the package directly from Hooray Heroes Land
Each Hooray Heroes book is made and printed only once. Our Ladybugs need 21 working days at most to prepare and deliver your order. If you choose turbo delivery, we'll fuel up our bunnies with their favourite carrot-flavoured ice cream and deliver your book within 5 working days.

How is it possible for every book to be unique?

We’ve made sure that ordering Hooray Heroes books is not only very simple, but also super fun. It truly is an experience you’ll enjoy. Each book is unique and you are the one who gets to make sure of that. You’re the artist behind the personalization. We just provide the tools. Imagine a pen turning into a magic wand - That!

Choose the child's gender
Create the best gift for a girl or a boy.
Write the child's name
It's you who names the hero of the book.
Choose both hair colour and style
Black, brown, red or blonde. Short, long, curly, pigtails ...
Choose their eye colour
Choose between blue, brown or green.
Add glasses or freckles
Does your little one have glasses or freckles? Both, maybe? How cute!
Write a personal dedication
You can also write your own personal dedication for the book.

Now check out how Hooray Heroes books are made!